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Benchmark BMC-01 product thumbnail
Benchmark BMC-01 product thumbnail

BMC-01 Protective Suit

SMS Type 5/6

Benchmark BMC-01 is a limited life coverall made from lightweight spun-bonded Polypropylene. It is designed to protect workers from hazardous substances or sensitive products and processes from contamination.

Product Certifications

EN 13034:2005
+ A1 2009 

Type 6 

EN ISO 13982-1:2004
+ A1:2009 

Type 5 

EN 1073-2:

TIL Class 2 

EN 1149-5: 2008 


Product Features
  • SMS breathable material
  • Elasticated waist
  • Overlocked stitched seams
  • Inset sleeve for ease of movement
  • Available in white or blue
Available Sizes
Item Number Case Qty Sizes
BMC-01 Blue BMC-01 White
BMC00001DF BMC00001AF 50 M
BMC00001DH BMC00001AH 50 L
BMC00001DJ BMC00001AJ 50 XL
BMC00001DL BMC00001AL 50 XXL